Vette Net Wind Deflectors

CHOICES!!! That is what makes Vette Net special… Vette Net is the Original Engineered and Patented wind blocker the Chevrolet Corvette and is designed for your C5, C6 or C7 Corvette convertible. Put the Vette net on or take it off in less than thirty seconds with no modifications to your car!


  • Put it on or take it off, easy choices for every driver
  • One person can install the Vette Net or remove it in under 30 seconds
  • No bulky, heavy inserts in the car when the top is up


  • Vette Net blocks 40% more wind than our competitors because the Vette Net covers the area behind the seats for door to door coverage, not just the center of the seats
  • Vette Net weighs just 3 lbs., easy on easy off, no bolts, no screws and no fuss
  • Vette Net has no bulky, heavy inserts in the car when the top is up
  • Vette Net is adjustable to your height and view preference
  • Vette Net reaches all the way across the car and blocks not just the center wind but the side wind as well


  • Vette Net was the Original GM Licensed wind blocker for Corvette
  • Vette Net has over twelve years of satisfied customers
  • Other wind blockers are only copies of the Vette Net design and technology
  • Vette Net is simple, easy, stylish, and affordable